Colors in Sanatan Dharma: Garb Guidance for Daily Wear

Find out the meaning of colors spiritually in Sanatan Dharma and which colors to wear each day of the week. Take use of the benefits and unlock the innate energies of matching your clothes with this age-old Hindu custom.


In the vast and rich tapestry of Sanatan Dharma, the ancient Hindu tradition, colors hold profound spiritual significance. Every day of the week is linked to a certain color, which is said to have a different impact on our life. We can access the innate energies and take use of their advantages by knowing and matching ourselves with these color connections.

Monday: White

It is thought lucky to wear white on Mondays. New beginnings, tranquilly, and purity are all connected to white. Wearing white on Mondays is thought to help one feel more balanced, peaceful, and clear overall. Hindu mythology holds that Mondays are strongly influenced by the moon, and that the cold, calm energy of the moon is harmoniously matched by the color white. Wearing white can help one to feel calm, which is especially helpful for getting the workweek off to a good start.

Tuesday: Red

Red is associated in Sanatan Dharma with Tuesdays. Strong, brave, and energetic are represented by red. On this day, wearing red is supposed to boost your self-esteem, willpower, and capacity to get over obstacles. Tuesdays are connected to Mars, sometimes called Mangal, in Hindu mythology. Mars is a perfect pick for today because of its fiery fire, which is supposed to correspond with the intensity of red. Through acceptance of the red color, one can access the dynamic, forceful traits required to take on the responsibilities and challenges that could come up over the week.

Wednesday: Green

In Sanatan Dharma, green is significant, especially on Wednesdays. Green in this old custom stands for prosperity, harmony, and expansion. Wearing green on Wednesdays is thought to help one feel in balance and draw good energy into their lives. Wednesdays are connected to Mercury, or Budh, the planet in Hindu mythology. People can better their general prosperity and well-being by identifying with the bright and thriving energy represented by the color green.

Thursday: Yellow

White has great cultural and spiritual meaning, and Fridays are connected to it in Sanatan Dharma. Since white represents clarity, purity, and heavenly grace, it is the perfect color for today. Fridays when people wear white clothes help them to connect with the holy forces found in Sanatan customs, which promotes peace and purity of soul all day long. White is also considered a lucky hue for significant ceremonies and rituals since it is thought to draw good energies and blessings from gods

Friday: Gray or Silver

In Sanatan Dharma, gray or silver Fridays are connected to the color white, which is deeply symbolic both culturally and spiritual. This day is perfect for white because it represents clarity, purity, and heavenly grace. Fridays when people wear white clothes help them to connect with the holy forces found in Sanatan customs, which promotes peace and purity of soul all day long. Moreover, it is thought that white draws good energy and divine favors, which makes it a lucky color for significant rites and rituals.

Saturday: Blue

Blue, a hue of calm, devotion, and inner tranquilly, rules Saturdays. This day, dress in blue to help you connect with the divine, develop your spiritual practice, and find peace. Saturdays are connected to the Hindu mythology planet Shani, sometimes called Saturn. Blue is thought to correspond with Shani’s attributes of discipline, reflection, and a link to the divine. Wearing blue helps one to have a calm and focused attitude that can support spiritual development and personal development.

Sunday: Orange or Yellow

Either orange or yellow, which both stand for warmth, energy, and vigor, are connected to Sunday. Wearing these colors today will help you welcome the life-giving energy of the sun and bring happiness and excitement into your day. Hindu mythology associates Sundays primarily with the sun, or Surya. Orange and yellow are said to correspond with the brightness, light, and life-giving energy of Surya. Wearing these colors will help you to take advantage of the sun’s positive energy and begin the new week feeling more energized and hopeful.


Why are certain colors associated with specific days in Sanatan Dharma?

In Sanatan Dharma, each day of the week is believed to be influenced by a particular planet or deity. The colors associated with these celestial bodies are thought to resonate with the energies and qualities of that day, making them auspicious to wear.

How do the color associations benefit one’s daily life?

By aligning your clothing choices with the color associations of each day, you can tap into the inherent energies and spiritual significance of that day. This practice is believed to promote balance, harmony, and the fulfillment of your aspirations.

Can anyone follow the color guidelines, or is it specific to Hindus?

he color associations in Sanatan Dharma are not exclusive to Hindus. Anyone interested in incorporating these ancient traditions into their life can benefit from dressing according to the color recommendations for each day.

What if I don’t have the specific color to wear on a particular day?

While it is ideal to wear the recommended color, if you do not have the exact shade, you can opt for a similar hue that resonates with the energy of the day. The intention and openness to the spiritual significance are more important than the precise color.


By aligning your clothing choices with the color associations of each day, you can tap into the powerful energies and spiritual significance of Sanatan Dharma. This practice can not only enhance your personal well-being but also bring a deeper sense of connection to the rich tapestry of Hindu tradition.

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