Join the locals and fellow travelers in the joyous tradition of playing with colors. Bring along packets of vibrant gulal (colored powder) and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere as you smear colors on friends and strangers alike. 

Play with Colors 

Experience the enchanting ‘Phoolon wali Holi’ at the iconic Banke Bihari Temple. Witness the unique tradition of celebrating Holi with flowers, as devotees and visitors alike shower each other with fragrant petals amidst devotional chants and music.

Visit  Banke Bihari Temple

Take time to explore the numerous temples dotting the landscape of Vrindavan. From the historic Govinda Deva Temple to the ornate Radha Raman Temple, each temple offers a serene retreat and an opportunity for spiritual reflection amidst the festive fervor.  

Explore Temples

Embrace the spirit of seva (selfless service) by volunteering at local charitable organizations or participating in community service projects during Holi. Contribute to the welfare of the less fortunate and experience the true essence of giving back during the festival of colors.  

Participate in Seva (Service)

Participate in colorful processions that wind their way through the streets of Vrindavan during Holi. Follow the beats of traditional drums and the sounds of joyous chants as you join the vibrant procession, adding your own energy to the festive revelry. 

Join Processions

Where to Stay in Vrindavan during Holi