India's highway network has seen a remarkable expansion, growing from 25,700 km to 54,900 km,

India's airport network grew from 74 to 149 airports, improving air connectivity. 

India's metro rail network expanded from just 5 cities to 20 cities, enhancing urban mobility and easing commute for millions. 

India became the first country to land a spacecraft on the South Pole of the Moon, marking a historic achievement in space exploration. 

India's electrified rail network witnessed a significant leap from 21,800 km to 60,800 km, enhancing efficiency.

India's university count surged from 676 to 1,168, boosting higher education opportunities.

India's startup count soared from 350 to 117,257, establishing it as an innovation powerhouse.

India's data prices plummeted from ₹269 per GB to just ₹10.1, making internet access affordable and driving digital inclusion. 

India's foreign direct investment inflows surged from $305 billion to $595.5 billion, reflecting global investors' confidence in the nation's economic potential.

India's electronics exports soared from $7.6 billion to $22.7 billion, showcasing its global competitiveness.