As the Sikh community gathers to commemorate the birth of the Khalsa, a feast of mouthwatering Punjabi dishes takes center stage.

Chole Bhature

The steaming hot chole, a vibrant chickpea curry seasoned with aromatic spices, pairs perfectly with the fluffy, crispy bhature

Sarson da Saag  &  Makki di Roti

Another quintessential Punjabi dish synonymous with Baisakhi is the comforting combination of Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti. 

Gaajar da Halwa

The grated carrots are simmered in milk and sugar, creating an indulgent treat that perfectly encapsulates the celebratory spirit of Baisakhi. 


This yogurt-based drink, often flavored with spices or fruit, provides a delightful counterpoint to the bold flavors of the main course.  

These Punjabi delicacies are more than just food - they are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage and the spirit of celebration that defines the Baisakhi festival.