Dharma Unveiled

In the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna unveiled the profound nature of Dharma, guiding Arjuna and humanity towards righteous living.  

Dharma is Sacred Duty

Lord Krishna emphasized that Dharma is not merely a set of rules but a sacred duty that aligns with one's nature and purpose.

Dharma Demands Selfless Action 

Krishna taught that true Dharma requires detachment from the fruits of one's actions. 

Dharma Upholds Cosmic Order

By adhering to Dharma, one contributes to the harmonious functioning of the universe and upholds the balance of nature.

Dharma is Selfless Service

Krishna emphasized that true Dharma involves selfless service to humanity and the divine.

Dharma Requires Discernment 

Lord Krishna acknowledged that Dharma is not always clear-cut and may require discernment.

Dharma Purifies the Mind

Krishna taught that by living according to Dharma, one's mind becomes purified, and the qualities of peace, contentment, and clarity arise.  

Dharma Leads to Liberation 

Ultimately, Krishna revealed that adhering to Dharma is the path to self-realization and spiritual liberation.