Mohini Ekadashi is a significant Hindu festival celebrated annually on the 11th lunar day (Ekadashi) of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Chaitra

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu took the form of the enchanting Mohini to retrieve the pot of Amrita (elixir of immortality) from the Asuras (demons). 

On Mohini Ekadashi, devotees observe a strict fast, perform special pujas, and listen to or recite the Mohini Ekadashi Katha (story). The fast is broken the next day.

It is believed that observing the Mohini Ekadashi fast and rituals with devotion can grant spiritual benefits, including the purification of the mind and soul, and the attainment of divine blessings. 

Mohini Ekadashi is celebrated with great fervor across various regions of India, with unique local traditions and customs. For example, in Maharashtra, devotees visit the Mohini Kund in Pune. 

Mohini Ekadashi holds immense cultural significance, as it is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and traditions. It is also a time for family gatherings, feasts, and celebration of the divine feminine. 

Mohini Ekadashi is a festival that celebrates the divine power, grace, and wisdom embodied by Lord Vishnu's Mohini avatar.