Upholding Dharma (Righteousness)

Lord Ram's life was a exemplar of unwavering adherence to dharma, or righteous principles.

Selfless Service and Duty 

Throughout his life, Lord Ram exemplified the values of selfless service and fulfillment of one's duties, whether as a son, husband, brother, or king. 

Compassion and Forgiveness

Lord Ram's life was marked by deep compassion for all beings and the ability to forgive even his greatest adversaries.

Courage and Perseverance:

Lord Ram faced numerous challenges and ordeals throughout his life, but he met them with unwavering courage, resilience, and determination. 

Devotion and Faith

Lord Ram's deep devotion to the divine and unshakable faith in the higher purpose of life serves as a profound example for us to develop a stronger spiritual connection.

Ideal Leadership and Governance

As the exemplary king of Ayodhya, Lord Ram demonstrated the qualities of wise, just, and benevolent leadership.