Law of Action and Consequence

It emphasizes the idea that individuals are bound by the karma generated from their actions. This law of cause and effect is an essential aspect of the cosmic order.

Freedom and Responsibility

Lord Krishna advises Arjuna to fulfill his duties as a warrior (Kshatriya) without being influenced by desires or attachments. 

Concept of Detachment

Lord Krishna advises individuals to engage in their prescribed duties (svadharma) with dedication and sincerity while relinquishing any expectations or desires for personal gain. 

Karma Yoga

By dedicating one's actions to a higher ideal or principle, individuals can purify their minds, overcome selfish desires, and attain spiritual liberation. 

Transcendence & Liberation

Through selfless action, devotion to the Divine, and the cultivation of wisdom, one can break free from the bondage of karma and realize their true spiritual nature. 

Dive into the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to explore the concept of karma, its significance, and its implications on one’s spiritual journey.